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Trust Accountant II - Boston, MA

Position Summary:

Under the supervision of the Director of Trust Operations, the Trust Accountant’s primary responsibilities will include working with our trust accounting vendor, SEI, to facilitate application of various SEI products such as SEI Trust3000, Enhanced Client Reporting (ECR), CSS Workstation and the Advent Automated Trusted Network (ATN). The position requires a full understanding of all SEI products and ability to conduct training on these products in a confident, knowledgeable manner throughout our Individual Clients Department (ICD) offices. This training will be conducted for both new Day Pitney ICD employees, as well as current ICD personnel.

The position will also require firm wide identification of all trust accounts where a Day Pitney attorney serves as Trustee. Once identified, position will require comprehensive monitoring of trustee fees to see that the fees are appropriate and are collected in a timely manner. Identification of non-DP-Trustee accounts will also be an important function. Ensuring proper paperwork (engagement letters, Custody/Agency agreements, and investment agreements) are addressed and in place across ICD.

The position will also involve assistance in the relationship management of all DP trust accounts which are both custodied on our SEI Trust Accounting platform as well as a significant number of trusts held outside the SEI Trust Accounting platform.

Daily processing client receipts/deposits and maintenance of client loans will also be functions of position. Leading the "Closing of Accounts" process off of the SEI Trust 3000 system will also be a position function.

Job Responsibilities:

Training Of Various SEI Products - To oversee the training of various SEI modules throughout the Individual Clients Department to various levels of positions. Determining the best SEI access suited for each ICD individual, be they Partner, Associate, Paralegal, LAA or Trust Staff. Displaying a confident, knowledgeable, friendly manner while training an ICD population with diverse technical skills, is a must. Position will include advanced learning and training of the following specific SEI products for which candidate will be responsible:

  • Advent ATN (Advanced Trusted Network) - interface through SEI Trust 3000, to electronically transfer specific trust data to outside investment managers. Management of all outside custodian relationships will be needed. Position works hand-in-hand with our Portfolio Aggregation System (PAS) and lead person on PAS.
  • Enhanced Client Reporting (ECR) - interface which allows us to produce high level, customized trust account reports for Trustees and Family Office meetings. Ability to aggregate several accounts, while incorporating Performance Measurement. Significant training and work with SEI, will be necessary.
  • CSS WorkStation Trainer - This SEI product is a web-based overlay of our core SEI Trust 3000 Accounting system. Duties will be to utilize, train and provide firm wide support of this system to our Individual Clients Department. CSS is the software module that Trustees' Legal Administrative Assistants (LAA’s) and Paralegals access SEI for both check production and various reporting functions. It is essential to global and virtual trust accounting access throughout our nine location DP Firm.
Trust Accounts Held at Outside Custodians -

  • Within our ICD practice, there are over 400 trust accounts custodied outside of our internal SEI Trust Accounting platform. It is our goal to broaden our current Boston Trust Operations group to work on the many aspects of Trust Administration whether these trust accounts reside on our SEI platform or not. The Department is being asked to either help migrate these non-SEI accounts onto the SEI platform to bring about a centralized solution to the Firm or to take on a greater portion of trust administration work, if the accounts remain outside of the SEI platform. Position will require significant interfacing with all types of relationships concerning outside custodian accounts, including beneficiary requests/needs, producing various family reporting, dealing with investment managers, tax accounts, etc.
Client Receipts/Deposits - Function entails the daily monitoring of all client wire/ach receipts into our SEI DDA Account at Wells Fargo Bank. Accurate and timely physical check deposits, via direct scanning of manual checks to same SEI DDA account at Wells Fargo, as well as subsequent posting of receipts to related SEI trust account. Accurate posting of receipts to specific SEI accounts could involve loan payments, Social Security , payments, “special” asset income, etc.

Corporate Actions/Proxy Voting - Position entails taking the lead on these two SEI products and working with vendor SEI, attorney trustees and outside investment managers. Alerting appropriate folks of various mandatory and non-mandatory corporate action notices, as well as proxy voting deadlines.

Various Trust Administration Duties Firm Wide -

  • Non-SEI Trust Fee Monitor - Position requires candidate to work directly with Trust Director on all aspects of fee processing on accounts held outside of SEI Trust Accounting system. Identifying all trusts for which a DP Attorney serves as trustee and ensuring proper and timely fee collection. This function will include working with DP Billing area and related trustee.
  • Identification of All ICD Account Relationships - Proper account identification of all trustee, agency, custodian and advisor relationships that attorneys may have in Firm. Ensuring proper paperwork (Trusts, Agency and Custody agreements, and proper delegation of investment management) are all intact.
General Duties - Include working on special projects such as specialized trust reporting, splitting of trust accounts, and working on a trust compliance team (TAP) will be needed. Support and knowledge of the other various positions within the Trust Department will be needed to ensure true backup purposes when vacations arise. These backup functions would include: balancing of DDA, processing Federal wires and/or ACH transfers, performance measurement, working with investment managers, asset trading, cash and asset distributions, etc.
Position Requirements:

  • Applicant must have a solid grasp of the SEI Trust 3000 accounting system. Minimum three years experience.
  • Significant exposure within a trust department at a law firm or bank environment required. Minimum four years experience.
  • A strong working knowledge of Excel, Access or similar database software required.
  • Must possess confident personal computer skills and be comfortable working within a Windows environment. Proficient word processing skills also required. A solid grasp of Microsoft’s suite of products including Outlook and PowerPoint, also required. Knowledge of virtual filing and actual exposure to virtual filing would be terrific.
  • Ability to organize and to prioritize numerous tasks and complete them under time constraints will be necessary.
  • Work occasionally requires more than 35 hours per week to perform the essential duties of the position. Willingness to work extended hours during various hectic periods throughout the year. These hours would be paid overtime.
  • Interpersonal skills necessary in order to communicate and follow the instruction effectively from a diverse group of clients, attorneys and staff and to always provide information with courtesy and tact.
  • Operates office equipment, including copiers, .pdf scanners, and 10-key plus calculator required.