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Face the State: Former U.S. Circuit Judge Weighs in on Supreme Court Nomination Process

Publisher: WFSB News 3
October 27, 2020

Judge Christopher Droney (ret.) appeared on the WFSB 3 News program "Face the State" on Sunday, October 24, to discuss the U.S. Supreme Court nomination process and the hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Judge Amy Coney Barrett.

Droney discussed the four days of hearings on the nomination of Judge Amy Coney Barrett. He explained that he believes she was not required to more specifically answer certain questions, in part, because "in 2016, the United States Senate changed its rules. Before that time, every nominee for the Supreme Court needed 60 senate votes to get confirmed; now, you only need a simple majority of 51 … you don't need to convince members of the other party that they should vote for you."

Droney also discussed the process of being prepared for a U.S. Supreme Court nomination hearing before the Judiciary Committee, based on his two appearances before the committee. He described that the nominee, "gets vetted by the Justice Department and the White House Counsel's Office … and they put together a 'murder board' and act as if they're the senators to ask questions they anticipate at the hearing." Droney expands, "often times these are more difficult than the actual hearing."

The segment examined actions the U.S. Senate can take to make these hearings more productive. Droney offered that the solution might be to "go back to 60 votes so you have to convince the other party to vote for you."

Watch the full video here.

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